The Lobster Store - "Can't get freshah!"
Glidden Ledge | 707 River Road | Edgecomb, ME 04556 | [email protected] | (207) 633-3599
Try our Hand-selected Hard-bottom Lobster
All lobster is not created equal. We hand pick only the finest lobsters from the lobsterman’s catch, being sure to select for the qualities that will get you the highest meat content, tastiest flavor and strongest constitution for travel. You will taste the difference.

Special orders can be phoned in to the boat daily ensuring that you get exactly what you want, as fresh as can be. Our retail tank is stocked daily, and we circulate filtered real seawater, not a fake chemical mixture that alters the flavor.
Pack for Travel, Ship Overnight, or Carry-out Retail

Lobsters can be packed in an insulated travel box available for purchase or in your own cooler if you are in the area. Other items available for retail purchase or shipping:

  • Insulated shipping boxes
  • Frozen Gel Packs
  • Lobster Crackers
  • Maine Sea Salt Packs
  • Glidden Point Oysters®
  • Littleneck Clams
  • Steamer Clams
  • Shucking knives and gloves
  • Logo shirts and hats
  • Free Ice
Tips for traveling with Lobster:

Lobsters can not tolerate any fresh water. Protect them from rain and melting ice.
Use frozen gels instead of real ice for best traveling.
Hard shell lobsters are better for travel as they are stronger and more rigorous.

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